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Welcome! It has been my pleasure to share information about butterflies, gardening and native plants at garden clubs, garden centers, trade shows, schools, churches, museums, etc., since 2001.  In December 2019, I was certified as a Nature/Forest Therapy Guide. Please visit my Presentations page to learn about the variety of topics available for your group. Then, contact me.  I'm happy to discuss the possibility of speaking to your organization. 

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tiger swallowtail on zinnia
male monarch on hydrangea
red-spotted purple
blazing star / gayfeather

One of the most important things you can do to attract butterflies is to add the host plants that caterpillars feed on.  Without caterpillars, there are no butterflies.

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I live in St. Charles, IL and present to organizations of all sizes in northern and central Illinois as well as southern Wisconsin.


Phone: 630-303-2872

Email: janegrillo@aol.com

blazing star / gayfeather

Blazing star and gayfeather (Liatris spp.) are excellent sources of nectar for butterflies in late summer and fall. Flower color of native species and their cultivars are in shades of purple as well as white. Native species can be found growing in a range of soil and moisture conditions. The majority of species prefer full sun, some cultivars will also do well in partial shade. Height can range from 1' - 6'.